Zinc Strips

The safest and most reliable way to keep any shingled roof free of roof
algae, lichen, moss and mold is the use of zinc strips adhered along the
top ridge. They naturally release a fungicide every time it rains.
Some of your neighbors may utilize fast acting spray on poisons for
dealing with roof growth with disastrous results. The strong poisons that
kill growth on the roof will also kill growth on the ground. It runs down the
downspout's and into the roots of the nearest tree or bush. Soon after
the plant turns brown and withers away. Over spray of roof cleaner floats
down onto the leaves of surrounding plants leaving spots at best, and
complete annihilation at worst. And if these issues aren't enough, the
dangerous and poisonous mist that floats in the air is toxic to breath. The
quickest way to introduce toxins into the blood stream, other than direct
injection, is to inhale them. It is very bad for the central nervous system.
Occasionally homeowners will enlist the aid of their children, not knowing
the detrimental effects.
Zinc strips are safe because they utilize a very slow approach to killing
growth on shingles.
Zinc strips are an economical way for home owners to fight growth on their roof surface. As
long as the roof can be climbed on, a homeowner needs only a hammer and nails, and a tube
of adhesive, to install it themselves. A small roofers crowbar helps to lift the shingle tabs from
their sealant strip. After the strip is installed, the sealant strip will re bond once heated by the